Happy 2008!

Image Source: Pinoy Sydneysider Happy New Year EVERYONE! In the spirit of the New Year I like to reflect back at some of Design Sojourn's more significant events, and then take some time to explore our road forward with this blog's New Year's


Site Upgrade and Maintenance In Progress

edit: All right people everything has been upgraded, tweaked and transferred. So far the sites all looks like they are running fine. So lets get back to regular programming at Design Sojourn! Sorry for the slow down in posting in the last couple of


Navigating and Sharing Design Sojourn

Always ever eager to improve your "surfing experience" here at Design Sojourn, I have been tweaking around with the coding of my website. It's not final but I'm experimenting on different "ingredients" to see if it works for you and me. 1) I've decided to


Linking Policy

I've always linked the idea of linking blogs up, but perhaps more on an altruistic level. I see linking as all about making friends and letting the world know about it. Thus I absolutely abhor blogs and blog owners whom would not give


I Follow, Do you?

For the longest time I've wondered why Technorati or Google do not pick up web addresses in comment boxes left on other blogs. Well the reason, thanks again to David Airey, is that all links left in comment boxes have the "nofollow" tag.


Why do I blog?

Thanks for the graphic David! Yet again I'm catching up with my tags. After graciously getting nudged by David, which I hoped my previous nudge to him returned the favor, here are my 5 reasons why I blog. 1) I wanted to learn all about the


A Thinking Meme

Gosh being a royal slacko, I failed to remember to pass this Meme "hot potato" on since it was graciously passed to me. Thanks again, csven I'm flattered. I had to trawl to 36 days of technorati links to dig the meme rules


My name is DT and I have a Monetizing Addition

Just kidding! I'm always a big fan of discussing the different methods you can use to monetize your webpage. However there is no use talking about Google Adsense or Affiliate programs if you can't see the big picture of how things actually work. Image via


Blog Improvements Galore!

I have been tinkering around with The Design Sojourn blog during the Easter break and have got some bugs sorted out, as well as added some cool widgets. 1) Thanks to Aen, we've fixed the comment bubble bug, making it so that every comment is wrapped


Spring Cleaning Time

It's fast approaching Chinese New Year and its tradition for us Chinese to do some massive spring cleaning of our homes. Here at Design Sojourn it is no different. I'm currently updating categories, reorganizing chicklets and tweaking CSS, so please do excuse the


The Carnival of the Mobilists No.61

Oh dear, just one day late, but I like to announce that one of my posts has been selected for a Blog Carnival called, "The Carnival of the Mobilists". My first ever and not only that, I have been awarded a "Posting of the


Are you a blog-celebrity?

I have recently been talking about how there are many blogs all over the world and naturally some are good and some are, well, not so good. Invariably the quality of the blogs apparently falls into a few categories. Just like actors you