What are your Design Laws?

Marc Rapp advertising guru and blogger at Uniquely the Epitome, has created a meme that actually benefits not only the people that he tagged but other designers as well. He has created “It’s the Law” meme that focuses on design rules or laws that successful designers use in their day to day work which he will eventually compile into a free on-line document. Nice! (Marc do let me know if you need some help with this document, as well as if you need it to be hosted somewhere.)
The great thing is that this is something that I myself have been compiling. Categorized under my “Design Tips” section, I also list hints, tricks and tips, derived from my personal experience, that gets me going . Thus I think it only natural that I add a few into his list.
1) My favorite is my Left/Middle/Right Rule. I’ve written extensively about it here.
2) A busy designer is never stuck. Contrary to popular belief creativity is not about sitting some where quiet and thinking.
3) Avoid the Ctrl+Z, undo button or the eraser.
These are my recent favourites and if you like to read more check them out in my “Design Tips” category below. I have 19 tips and theories so far and do check back again as it keeps on growing.
4) However as part of this exercise I decided to throw in a new one into the mix.
Get real quick!
Thats right, get it out of your mind, sketch book or computer and make that prototype. Mock-it up with card, print it out 1 to 1 scale on paper, slice some foam core, or even build it with Lego. My point is make your design real quick, and that means make it DURING your concept phase. Not after it, or even worst at the end of the design phase. The reason is to basically get a good sense of proportion as well as physical presence or product foot print, and that is vital to a successful product. To many designers due to the time crunch or just not wanting to get their hands dirty skip this step. I never forget it, you should not too.
Edit: Do check out the other great list of Design Laws contributed by other tagged designers. (I will update this as it grows!)
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