What Can Our World Be In 2050?

Ok, I might as well spill the beans. One of the big reasons why I have been really busy, is that I am helping organize the next icsid congress 2009 here in Singapore! The congress will run from November 23rd-25th, and if you are interested to go the early bird registration (about 25% off!) is currently open to all !
So back to this discussion. I was invited to be the Chair of the Special Operations Sub-Committee. We were originally meant to sort of be a fast-response, stop-gap group, looking at issues or “dirty jobs” that no one else has the time to do. However the role has since evolved into social media strategy and networking. Strange things I get up to these days, no?
The interesting thing about this congress is that we planned this congress to be like no other! The congress will be a platform to communicate a bigger all encompassing story called “Design2050”, or “It is not what will, but rather, what can our world be in 2050?”.
Central this story or theme are The Design2050 Studios. Lead by recognized Design Thought Leaders from industry, the Studios will explore key topics like Mobility, Farming, Sustainability etc. in 2050. These Studios will not only brainstorm what the world will be in 2050, but will also use Social Media to engage people from all around the world to share their thoughts on the world in 2050. That is where I will also come in!
As you can see this effort will span in the time before the congress and far beyond the end of the congress. The final objective is to put together a global “manifesto” and a commitment to how we will get to 2050. Great stuff don’t you think?
Anyways do check out our official icsid congress website which I helped co-creative direct and managed. Also follow our updates on our design2050 twitter and soon to be launched design2050 blog. If you do come to Singapore, do give me a “shout” and we can catch up during the congress?

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  • Sharon

    May 13, 2009 at 5:23 pm Reply

    Cool. I am so glad that I will see you at the conference too and I probabably have the chance to work with you again, where now it will finally be in Singapore. I’m looking forward to it.
    Let me know when you come again tot the Netherlands.

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