Wow, That was a Big Gap!

A 25-day gap to be exact. 25 days from my previous post to my most recent few. Not to mention that I have been tardy in publishing this post. So what I wanted to say was sorry friends and dear readers. I like to apologize for the slow down and big gap in posting recently.
In addition to my recent holiday to Japan (check out that Tempura, YUM!), my work and life has taken a huge hectic turn. A number of significant changes have happened and I have been caught up in that tidal wave. As such this blog, my labor of love, has been neglected. While my return from my holidays will improve the frequency of sharing, it will still be slow going as I channel my focus elsewhere. This does not mean I have nothing to say, in fact far from that, as my growing list of draft posts is evidence of that.
Furthermore, I’m sure you would have noticed that a number of recent posts have been rather short. While I much prefer the long form blog (more value add I believe), I can only spare time for such small snippets. They are really just “snacks” for your reading pleasure rather than fulfilling main courses this site is famous for. Hopefully these “snacks”, while not as rich, still allow you a small insight into my mind and my daily design activities. Your thoughts and words mean a lot to me and I hope I can encourage you to keep in touch with me?
I have alluded to these changes before, but I have decided to keep mum at this time. This is because things have not firmed up yet and I don’t want to jinx it until the way forward solidifies. And it is getting there. So please bear with me as this roller coaster ride of mine should only last 3 more months or so. By then things can start to settle and I can announce these changes to the world. God knows how eager I am to share these changes with you!
Thank you for all your support and I will be in touch soon.

  • mao

    June 3, 2010 at 10:09 pm Reply

    Welcome home :). tempura? yummy but I thought it was lasagna lol. Yeah don´t tell me I have my blog neglected for more than 15 days I have to post today. Best of luck for your nu projects. And I am glad you came back.

  • Waikit Chung

    June 3, 2010 at 9:49 pm Reply

    Well, it doesn’t sound too well..I hope you are doing fine man. Wish you all the best and that you find your peace back soon. Have faith and strength in whatever you are facing.

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