100 Push ups : Week 1 Redux and Week 2

Finally an update!
Well I’m glad that I revisited Week 1 again before going into Week 2. It got my system moving and I was starting to feel comfortable going through the routine 3 times a week. I must admit, getting comfortable with any fitness routine is an important plus to maintaining it.
While I was comfortable in Week 1, I had started to work for it in Week 2. By the time I hit Day 3 of week two, my muscles were really straining, in particular, my triceps felt like bunched beef patties! Looking in the mirror, my arms and shoulders seemed more defined. Dreaming! But internally my larger upper body muscles felt strained.
Strangely after Week 2, the program tells me that I’m required to do another exhaustion test to see if I have become stronger. I was a little worried because my first exhaustion test made me sore for a week! So I decided to rest for a few extra days, and yesterday I went for it.
Interestingly I hit a 30 in my exhaustion test, which was similar as my first test. But this time I think my form was a lot better. Not only that, I felt so good that I decided to do another exhaustion set and this time hit a max of 25. I was also partly disappointed that I could not get past 30 reps, but I knew I was stronger as this morning I was not sore at all.
Now I know why they slotted the 2nd exhaustion test in between Week 2 and 3. I should have continued the program as planned. Not to worry, I’ve decided to do another exhaustion test tomorrow before I start Week 3 next week.
I hope you are also doing well in your program! Please let me know how it goes for you?

  • Hailee

    September 30, 2008 at 12:35 pm Reply

    This kind of body fitness can lead to good health and once you have started doing this, you need to continue and do not stop.Now and then if you are irregular, it leads to bad health.

  • kAi

    September 24, 2008 at 7:06 pm Reply

    Hey good work.
    I started off from a set of 10 push ups, and gradually increasing it.
    Now I am doing 10 sets, with 50 reps of push up per set.
    I can say, push-ups are the best way to train the chest muscles!

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