CeBit Australia 2007 Part 1

A big hello from CeBit Australia! I’m currently hanging out at the CeBit Blogger Zone, after the very helpful Danny (who looks after the area) help me set up a wireless connection. I’m not going to type too much at this stage, I’ll write up a full report at the end. Besides you probably would not want to to hear me rant, but would want to see the latests juicy technology. So this post will be focused on just the few pictures and musings I have come up with so far.

A very quiet entry, not much banners until I got into the reception area. This is a scene that greeted me. Not as rah rah as I expected. This is a lot smaller than the CeBit in Hanover Germany.
LCD Photo displays (USB port or SDCard), dime a dozen.
Total Concept Projects has this cool multi-screen display. I wonder what happen to the TV frames?
Finally the first booth of (to my mind) of someone doing something cool. The Project Factory builds for companies a presence in Second Life. They did that Big Pond Island for Australian Telco Telstra.
If you have not tried Second Life, do have a go at it. I see it as like Skype or MSN but in 3D (well its actually a lot more).
Ok thats all for now. Here is where I’m chilling out.
Check out that hard core blogger, he has a UMPC! Blogger Zone is really comfortable they have free tea, coffee, gummy bears and bean bags. What more could a geek want?
All right people so so stay tuned for the rest of the CeBit Australia 2007 Coverage. (Pushing a dateline on 4 May, 07 so it will be posted after, sorry!)


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