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Oh, the nostalgia! Designer Shira Nahon designed this range of classic toy weapons all in the name of fun! Aptly called “Piu Piu”, it is a nod towards the sounds we make when we pretend to “shoot” our friends. Actually now we can!
I really like the simplicity of the designs as it really highlights the functionality of the toy and allows users to implicitly get how it works. (Well, maybe not the boom ball…)

















































One Shot





Here is the description of the toys:  

ClipGun : here’s one you may remember, as the laundry clip on a stick design has been around for quite a few years. I remember wanting something like this when I was about 10 years old, wanting it SO BAD. This one’s a bit more refined, incorporating the clip into the stick. One less ingredient – a designer’s most basic goal.

Beak: What! A paper airplane? No way. This is a stainless STEEL airplane. Made to fly… right into your neighbors eye.

BoomBall: A boomerang-like device which is made of strips of thin, flexible steel. You might remember these strips as “slap bracelets.” When this crazy object makes contact with any other solid object, it curls up into a sphere (if you’re lucky, it ensnares the target object inside!) Very wild.

Rubber: Not THAT kind of rubber. This Rubber is packaged as the rubber sling part of a slingshot only, encouraging the user to find their own perfect bit of tree branch to shoot with.

OneShot: A single metal rod twisted and turned into an ingenious neu-form rubber band shooter. Totally and completely intuitive. So simple, a baby could fire it.

Via: Yanko Design.

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  • Doug

    January 10, 2011 at 6:14 pm Reply

    We used to play with plastic pipes (used in construction) that had a diameter of about 5 cm. We cut them in half meter long pieces, tied two or three together and made cone shaped paper bullets.
    If you put one such bullet into the pipe and blow hard, it flies for quite a long distance at a good speed and in a straight line. We used to play complicated war games with these “weapons”.
    But they were really dangerous, especially when some kids decided to actually put needles on the tip of their bullets. Luckily no one I knew was ever harmed, but now I wouldn’t let my son play with stuff like that.

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