Design by Making the Unconscious Conscious

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~ Naoto Fukasawa in 2007


“What people do unconsciously decides how naturally a thing should be designed, because at times, a person’s character can be seen in his unconscious deeds. A designer must take all that into account and stay objective when designing something.”
~ Naoto Fukasawa in 2007

This interesting quote, by Naoto Fukasawa, is a reflection of his design philosophy and beliefs. He essentially describes how a design can become a seamless and ubiquitous experience for a user. A designer’s critical insight in this case comes from observing and understanding a consumer’s unconscious behavior, desires, needs and then uses these insights to create a product that a user can relate with.
Via: Mac Funamizu

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  • Mac Funamizu

    December 30, 2009 at 8:44 am Reply

    Thank you for taking this up. His Japanese is pretty deep mostly, so I hope my translation can help you picture what he really wants to say.

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