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A nice little introspective on how people understand the profession of design in Singapore. Student director N.Ziqq interviews, in just under an hour, a number of multidisciplinary designers and artists for their viewpoint and their struggles. I found it a little long, and it’s no Objective, nevertheless it is worth a look.

We take Design seriously and it’s a profession not a lot of people are willing to take up, especially here in Singapore.
The lack of understanding about Design got the layman confused with Art in turn people perceived designers as someone who only make things look pretty.
I managed to get a hold of these professional Designers from different Design Fields in Singapore sat down with them and discussed the role of Design in business, education, housing, and how it impacts our daily lives which a lot of people tend to overlook.
See Design through their eyes, and hopefully understand better what Design is all about.

Via: Design Says Hello?

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