Gillette Shaver Hack born out of Desperation

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So here I was 10pm Sunday night, right out of the shower standing in front of the mirror with shaving foam on my face. Even though I was freshly showered, I was slightly panicking. My razor had a rust spot on one of its 3 blades after not using it for a week and I was having a mental debate of whether to use this blade or not. After giving my cheek a few swipes, the fear of getting tetanus made me see the light and I chucked the blade and proceeded to rummaged through my toiletries box for another razor.
What you see above was what I would find and hack together. I noticed visually that the neck connector (between the blade housing and the stem) looks very similar, so I gave it a go and it works! I also thought that if it works on a bikini line, why not my chin? I am strangely quite excited to try it again tonight, because my chin was really smooth after the shave!

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  • Rob James

    August 16, 2010 at 9:35 pm Reply

    Someone once told me that womens razors were better than mens, as they have to cover a lot more ground.
    He used them to shave his head and said they lasted a lot longer.

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