Hard Gay's Guide to Product Development

Edit: Originally published Jun 29, 2006. Updated broken video links because I just bought a similar version to this toy!
I could not stop laughing after watching this. This Razor Ramon character has got it right. Despite his looks, he actually does know something about product development.
Hard Gay’s Guide to Product Development
1) Think of a great concept
2) Do your market research with your customers
3) Analyze and search out the decision maker in yours, or your client’s organization
3) Pitch your concept to that decision maker
4) Work closely with R&D and the engineers to ensure that the design intent is maintained
5) Test the prototype and refine teething problems
6) Launch product through established channels
Oh if you like to see the more explicit and expanded version see below. Enjoy!
Hard Gay and TOMY Part 1

Hard Gay and TOMY Part 2

Perhaps this should be part of an Industrial Design curriculum?

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  • Kimming Yap

    October 19, 2009 at 7:26 pm Reply

    I have always been a Hard Gay fan but I have never associated it with product development. Thanks for showing how the most hilarious icon around actually follow a design process.

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