Introduction to Design Thinking Workshop 5: Now Updated!

We are now accepting applications for our 5th Introduction to Design Thinking workshop.
I’m also happy to say that the workshop has been updated with new awesome content. We live and breath Design Thinking, so we took in the feedback and validation by our participants and improved our program. Here are some of the changes:
1) Our participants gave a thumbs up on our pedagogy that Design Thinking comes with Design Doing. They did this by consistently highlighting the hands-on activities as their favorite. So we are going to further expand on this.
2) We increased the number of hands-on activities cover about 75% of our 2 day workshop. This is an increase from 50%. Everyone will now be on their feet more frequently, not just me! 😉
3) We have included more case studies.
4) Due to popular demand we are now running different types of Design Thinking workshops every month. Our Introduction to Design Thinking will still be bi-monthly, however in the off-month we will run workshops that focus on different aspects of Design Thinking. For example workshops on infographic design, experience design, and service design etc. are on the way. So do stay tuned, we will send the information via the usual channels.
So if you are interested in attending or someone you know that might be interested in attending, please do let me know?
Here are the dates of the workshop:
DATE: 27 & 28 Sept (Thursday and Friday)
TIME: 9 am – 5.30 pm
LOCATION: Singapore Management University, Singapore.

Registration closes at 11.59pm on the 14th of Sept 2012. Please RSVP by then. As usual spaces are limited, so do sign up or sign your friend up soon! (More details are in the graphic below. Click on it for a larger view)

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