Moleskine Improves their Covers for the iPad and iPhone

Moleskine has released a range of hybrid tools which are essentially covers for the iPad (Tablet Cover) and iPhone (Smartphone Cover). They all come with standard notebooks or writing pads, that Moleskine says will allow the digital nomad access to a workstation that is both digital and analogue at the same time. It looks like a logical marketing angle that leverages on their strengths, and yet responds to the needs of contemporary culture.
It looks like they must have read my review (at least I like to think so!) of the Moleskine Cover for the Kindle, where I commented that users were unhappy with the Kindle Cover, as it has a fixed orientation that would only be favored by lefties. If you now look closely at the image above, the notebook/writing pad’s insertion slot has been redesigned to include an opening both at the top and bottom. In this way you can now flip the covers 180 degrees to accommodate for both left and right handed people. Nicely done!
Via: Mashable

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  • Brandon

    October 4, 2010 at 6:02 pm Reply

    This is great for the Getting Things Done crowd. I will definatly be trying this out to see if it fits with my way of working but the more i look at this solution for the ipad the more i think the ipad has not gone far enough to negate the use of an external moleskin pad. Check out this link to see the digital successor to moleskins!

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