This is NOT the End of Apple

rotting study 2 Since the recent keynote by Tim Cook (October 2012), there has been a media furor on how it is going to be the end of Apple, or that Apple after Jobs


Can Apple still Innovate after Jobs?

That's the billion dollar question.

But without Jobs, can Apple still innovate? George Colony of Forrester Research suggested in April that Apple will, like Sony after the death of its leader, Akio Morita, in 1999, decline: "When Steve Jobs departed, he took three things with him:


Apple's Inconsistent Aesthetic

James Higgs writes an interesting article about the inconsistencies of Apple's aesthetic. In one corner you have Apple's sublime and minimal industrial design where every corner or radii has been considered.

These devices have become increasingly simple and pared down, even as the power contained


Apple's True Legacy

Harry Marks writes a very insightful piece on what Apple has done or will do for the computing industry in a Lion, iOS 5 and iCloud environment.

To some, it means Apple has locking you in to its “walled garden”. To others, the company is giving


Are Mobile Phone Brands Really Copying iPhones?

In the last few months most of you would have read the endless press about Apple’s multiple lawsuits filed against their competitors claiming that they are stealing their intellectual property. Not only that, countless of