Our Spaces for Ideas StoryBook is Finally Here!

At the end of December last year, we said that our StoryBook sketchbook product was going to be put on hold indefinitely. However, in our pillar article: 9 Lessons from a Design Entrepreneur, I shared that all I really needed was a two month break before I jumped right back into this self-funded project! Not settling for no, I decided that shipping and getting this product out into the market was the most important thing for my fledgling Spaces for Ideas brand.
The road getting here was not easy. Moving to a new supplier meant getting to know this new supplier’s strengths and weakness. As a result we spent a total of four months just tweaking the design with the supplier, two of which were spent just building samples (a total of 5 rounds of prototypes to be exact).

The StoryBook is an accordion fold sketchbook designed, in the spirit of the Spaces for Ideas brand, to provide as much of a limitless drawing experience as possible. Popular with artists, design sketchers and scrapbookers, the StoryBook’s accordion pages gives you enough space to seamlessly create your design story from the beginning to end of the sketchbook.
Here are some of the features.
1) All our StoryBooks sketchbooks, code name Nadali, are available in 3 limited edition beautiful textured cover colors. The covers are 280gsm and made from FSC certified environmentally friendly paper.
2) The StoryBook is designed to be a standard A6 size, and fits perfectly in your handbag or man-bag.
3) The accordion fold drawing paper, which provides for a long drawing space, is available in both Black (120gsm, 23 pages) and White (140gsm, 29 pages) paper. The paper made from FSC certified environmentally friendly paper.
4) The accordion pages are hand folded, to ensure the creases are soft and comfortable to draw over.
5) To prevent the pages from falling out, all StoryBooks come with a free Elastic Bookmark that can be also used in other A6 or A5 sketchbooks. The Elastic Bookmarks are made from the same material as the StoryBook covers.
6) Both the StoryBook and the Elastic Bookmark are lovingly handmade in Singapore, which means slight variations in folding and finishing is expected.
Inspired by how the Field Notes product cycle is managed, I’ve created the StoryBook product range in limited runs of different cover materials or designs. I hope to keep the product fresh by introducing a new range of StoryBooks, with different cover materials, at least once a quarter. As you can see, I’m looking to build Spaces for Ideas into a credible creative and innovative stationary brand.

The StoryBook currently retails at USD$12 each, and goes for $28.80 for a bundle pack of 3. However, to celebrate the launch of this product, the StoryBook sketchbooks will be on Sale at USD$10 each, and USD$24 for a 3 StoryBook bundle. Please note additional shipping costs do apply and will be included at checkout. Our launch sale ends on the 30th of September.
As we have limited stock, I would not wait and get it at our online store now! For more shipping information and images of our StoryBook sketchbooks, check out out official product page. What do you think about our new StoryBook? I would love to hear your thoughts, so please do not hesitate to leave a comment below?

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