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Feng Zhu, Entertainment Design Guru and friend of Design Sojourn, recently released a really cool video filled with tips and techniques on designing with traditional mediums, i.e. pens, paper and sketchbooks. Remember those? Just kidding! With many designers now working with digital sketching tools


2 Key Elements that Make Up the Ability to Draw

Entertainment designer Feng Zhu writes:

There are two parts to drawing. One is the technical execution of drawing itself – a pure mechanical skill. This is the hand-eye-brain coordination which can be trained and perfected over time. For example, by drawing something everyday in a sketchbook


Awesome Design Sketch Hacks

I love it when Industrial Designers don't take themselves or their sketches too seriously. Reviewing sketch after sketch in an automotive style does get tiresome at times. Enter Craighton Berman, an Industrial Designer and Creative Director, who is not afraid to share his view on


Sketching is Offically Back, Finally

I have always been saying here on Design Sojourn that sketching is an important design and communication skill to have, I would say even more than any CAD skill of sorts. Importantly, in the last few years, I've seen more and more design companies