Microsoft wants Yahoo for $44.6 BILLION!

Breaking news! Just 5 mins ago from The Wall Street Journal, Microsoft announced that they have made a bid to buy Yahoo for USD$ 44.6 Billion, $0.4 Billion less than their 50 Billion bid in early 2007. Microsoft Corp. Friday offered to buy


Bill Gates says Good Bye

This year's 2008 CES Keynote speech is Bill Gates' twelfth and his last as a Microsoft Employee (he is still the Chairman though). He says:

"This will be my last keynote. As of July, I will no longer be a full-time Microsoft employee.


Bill Gates and Steve Jobs Unplugged!

Wow something that only happens once every decade, (apparently the last time was in 1997!) and that is Bill Gates and Steve Jobs, interviewed together side by side on the same stage, live and unrestrained at the D5 conference. It's Zune vs. iPod baby


Microsoft Surface the Next Generation in Computing

Remember my post on "Minority Report in Reality" ?, well looks like Jeff Han is now with Microsoft developing their Surface computing and interface system based on his patented technology. Check out another video at Popular Mechanics on this technology as its now not rough circuit


Get Rid of Instant Messaging at the Workplace

With Skype being widely used by businesses for overseas calls, the other equally used function of Skype Chat (Instant Messaging) is getting its fair share of use. Not to mention the usual favorites in the IM world: MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger (which many