The Impressive Klhip Nail Clipper is Form Follows Function

I’m pretty impressed with the Klhip Nail Clipper. The product is testament that “Form Follows Function” can produce beautiful (instead of boring) products. I love the mechanical design and how it folds up tightly with you are done with it. The ability to contain your nail clippings and prevent it from flying all over the place is icing on the top.

Building a Better Nail Clipper
Why re-design something so mundane? Average nail clippers just don’t get the job done. They’re ugly. And tear the nail instead of cutting it. So you’re left with jagged nails and clippings that fly across the room. Even worse, standard clippers are controlled from the wrong end. Your fingers slide downhill or off to the side and clipping your nails becomes difficult.
Enter the patent-pending Klhip™. The most advanced, precise clipper available. It brings creativity, ingenuity and quality to everyday life. And lets you actually enjoy the experience of clipping your nails.

Buy the Klhip Nail Clipper here. Via: Core 77

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