The RGB Light, Bright Like the Passion Behind It

Check out this clever lamp idea that made me smile. The RGB Lamp, or mischlichtRGB (in German?), seems to be inspired by RGB color theory and the mixing of Red, Green and Blue into a White light. Well, at least in the middle?
More pictures after the jump.

This lamp was designed by Martin Meier, a German senior design lead at IDEO Munich, and Fabian Nehne, a Swiss senior designer at Deutsche Telekom.
It is really nice to see designers working on their own personal projects outside of work and getting recognized for it. It also shows a strong passion for design, a passion strong enough to motivate designers to continue to design in their spare time. Instead of, you know, Facebook, sleeping, partying, PlayStation, hanging with the lads, beer etc.
Now that really makes me smile even more.

Via: Mocoloco

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