Use the Inspiration Pad for Inspiration

I’m not sure how useful or practical this notebook is, but it is sure to get your creativity juices flowing by helping you think, or write for that matter, out of the box! It was designed by Marc Thomasset.
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However, I do wonder why Marc calls his notebook a pad?
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Via: Swiss Miss

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  • gwen

    July 10, 2010 at 5:25 am Reply

    actually. i think this is the greatest invention of a notebook to give as a gift to directors, executives, VP, and even all the CFOs, CEOs, abbreviate names……..
    it would really surprise them of ‘unexpected’ antidotes. the lines just makes you think how one will write everyday. cause as a culture we always follow a line… the paint strips on the road, the cracks/pavement of the sidewalks, kids wanting to walk on the curb, orline-ups for tickets, sales, purchasing, or food.
    I think i found my ‘corporate’ gifts for Christmas this year. LOL

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