Design Thinking, Creativity and Synthesis

Creativity is relational. Its practice is mostly about casting widely and connecting disparate dots of existing knowledge in new, meaningful ways. To be creative, you’ve got to mine your knowledge. You have to know your dots. - Bruce Nussbaum
One of the things that I do


Truths about Creativity

Creative Hands Image by: Dalydose I have been thinking about the relationship between creativity vs. design vs. where does it comes from. I have also wondered why some people, not just designers, are more creative than others? Here are some of


Better Surfboard Designs!

thomas-mayerhoffer-surfboards Thomas Meyerhoffer, a former designer at Apple, did what any designer would do when he was not happy with a product. He created his own. In Thomas' case it was his love for surfing and


More Stefan on TED

Last time I wrote about Stefan's book and how I bought one. Here he is again, in a short blurb on TED, where he runs through some of the things he has learn in his life so far. Oh, a kind person has compiled what Stefan has