No One Really Cares About Your Great Idea

I stumbled over a great Q&A over at Quora. Someone asked about what to do with their great ideas and inventions so that they won't get cheated. I've decided to reproduce the question here and the answer by Jimmy Wales, founder of Wikipedia,


Design Thinking, Creativity and Synthesis

Creativity is relational. Its practice is mostly about casting widely and connecting disparate dots of existing knowledge in new, meaningful ways. To be creative, you’ve got to mine your knowledge. You have to know your dots. - Bruce Nussbaum
One of the things that I do


Inspiration is for Amateurs

Chuck Close from Wisdom said:

The advice I like to give young artists, or really anybody who’ll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of


The iPad kills Creativity?

Peter Bregman shares why he returned his iPad:

The brilliance of the iPad is that it's the anytime-anywhere computer. On the subway. In the hall waiting for the elevator. In a car on the way to the airport. Any free moment becomes a potential iPad moment.



Creativity is How Well You Recycle it!

Bill Buxton reflects:

As a person who tries to be creative and have new ideas, it's interesting to be reminded of how few ideas I actually have. Could it be that the two main skills and acts of creativity are (a) forget what you said before,


Design Thinking is Killing Creativity

You might have probably heard everyone's jaw drop after I mentioned this on Twitter over the weekend. A fellow designer and I were discussing this in detail and jointly came to this disappointing conclusion. It was quite a significant conclusion and likely to be


Truths about Creativity

Creative Hands Image by: Dalydose I have been thinking about the relationship between creativity vs. design vs. where does it comes from. I have also wondered why some people, not just designers, are more creative than others? Here are some of


Redesigning The Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

I really enjoy reading blogs where the author shares his or her musings and anecdotal thoughts. I find that this gives a good insight into how that author thinks. Even better if these thoughts come from a designer. Check out Smart Design's