We Will Have to Deal with Defining Design, yet Again!

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IA Collaborative, has tried to do the impossible, and that is to define the meaning of Design. Or rather, they have taken the effort to gather the different definitions of design from our favorite industry luminaries and arranged them in a rather symbolic (and cool) infographic.
I often think such exercises are often rhetorical and pointless, as a definition fails when it lacks context. However, as design is evolving into a more strategic activity, I have experienced many situations where I have to deal with the definition of design. Especially in a way that laymen, organizations, and businesses, can understand its value. We will have to open this can of worms yet again, and this vetted list is a good starting point.
Via: Glimmer.

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  • Justin Moore-Brown

    December 12, 2011 at 8:00 am Reply

    I’ll be honest, the definition of design is cool but the artwork was what caught my eye!
    Thanks for sharing amigo!

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