Will Products Disappear Because of Technology?

Check out this cool Retro TV inspired iPad dock by frog Creative Director Jonas Damon. What is even more interesting is his rational behind his design.

I’ve heard designers lament the end of industrial design for some time now: single-purpose products like calculators and alarm clocks are being replaced by smart devices, leaving nothing more than a screen in a minimal enclosure. Another woe is that design is increasingly being offered by off shore OEMs and ODMs, leaving design quality to suffer at the hand of the cheap cost.

I’ve got a different way of looking at it: all this advanced technology is actually enabling industrial design. A product’s form used to be dictated by its mechanical function. Products had distinctive shapes largely because the composition of the internal components mandated a certain form. But, as mechanics are being replaced by microchips, these constraints are disappearing. Designers have more opportunity with form now ; ergonomics and expression no longer need compromising.

I have to admit that I have often pondered (via: The Future State of a Product’s Existence?) on the “disappearance” of tangible products, due to technology convergence and a heavy emphasis on digital interfaces. I have lamented that products will eventually become all screens and Industrial Design as a profession will disappear. Or will it?
However what Jonas said threw me, and I have to admit that he is one smart man. I will need to ponder on this a lot more. Meanwhile lets enjoy how this TV has no wires!

via: design mind.

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