A Design Interview with Charles Eames from 1972!

Ingo Rauth, a friend of Design Sojourn and graduate of our Designer Mentoring Program back in 2009, shares a wonderful find on his blog: A 1972 made for Herman Miller video interview on Design with legendary designer Charles Eames. That’s right, it’s a video from 1972 or 40 years ago!
The video’s cinematography reminds me of his other documentary piece “The Power of 10” from 1977. I wonder if one led to the other?

Click on this link if you cannot see the video.
The amazing thing was that Eames’ view on design, though 40 years old, was so holistic that it parallels with many of the ideals we are trying to aspire to today. He is truly a visionary. My favorite question to him had to be:

Q: Have you been forced to accept compromises?
A: I don’t remember being forced to accept compromises, but I have willingly accepted constraints.

What’s yours favourite? Oh, if you are interested, a kind soul has created a transcript of the video, though it’s filled with spelling errors.
Thanks for the great find Ingo!

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