Design is also a Recursive Activity

When we iterated in a Design Process, it is actually a refinement activity where one evolution gives way to the next evolution. However when developing a design, especially when the design is complex, a simple iteration does not deal with the myriad of other


The Inverted Bike Shop

It's funny. As a kid I loved riding bikes. What I loved even more was tinkering with them. I had this classic Chopper (you know, with that smaller front wheel?) that I hacked


Let the Materials Design Itself

John Cho Moore grew tired of the limitations of the industrial design process and is now trying to capture the essence of design with his beautifully handmade bamboo and canvas bags. Follow John through his unique manufacturing process that challenges convention thinking


When Designing: Focus on Methods, Not Process

Bryan over at the ZURBlog wrote that designers should focus on methods, not process.

At a glance, method and process may seem like the same thing, but a closer look reveals their distinct differences. A method is a how you do something, while process is putting


The Evolution of Mario

It is pretty interesting to see how Mario's character design has evolved through the years. If you study how the heavy pixilated Mario in 1981 became the sleek rendered Mario in 2008, you can see