Learning about my Design Sojourn Brand

I am a strong believer in self-branding. This website and everything online that I participate in should be a measured expression of what the Design Sojourn brand should be. So it was nice to stumble onto Mel’s blog and his research on Industrial Design brands.

Design Sojourn is a very post modern industrial design identity. Always incorporating humor into their appearances and design. Even the logo starts very uniformed and develops into a scribble. Playfulness in the company. Everything is minimal and easy to access.

I was pleasantly surprised with the keywords I distilled such as “Incorporating Humor into their appearances and design” and “Playfulness”. They were unexpected and not really how I originally envisage what my brand would be. Food for thought.

The thing with managing a brand is that there is never a straight answer. This is because what you may think your brand is all about, may not be how your customers/consumers perceive it to be. It is vital to capture this brand perception so that it can be aligned correctly to what you want your brand to be. This can be done by managing the “filter” or the brand assets and communications you have set up.
You know, companies pay big money for such insights, and I got it free via blog karma. That is just priceless, and a testament to the power of social media.

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