Less and More: A Dieter Rams Retrospective

Less and More is a Dieter Rams retrospective and traveling exhibition that recently made a stop at the Design Museum London. By the way it’s a great museum to visit; the last time I was there they ran a similarly theme exhibition on Formula 1 design.

The comments made by Deyan Sudjic and Michael Czerwinski gives us much food for thought. It is interesting to see how Ram’s work remains timeless despite the product’s technology becoming obsolete, and that he stayed true to his aesthetic philosophy no matter what. I really hope this exhibition makes it to Asia, but meanwhile we can enjoy this video.
Oh, before I forget, the Braun LE1 Electrostatic Loud Speaker continues to be one of my favorite designs by Dieter Rams, even though it is massive by today’s standards! I do wonder why Braun stopped making consumer electronics?

Images from Design Museum.
So what’s your favorite Dieter Rams design?

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