Ok I'm convinced that the iPhone is not THAT Bad

The only other thing that is as tiring as News of Paris Hilton going to jail is the mega-over-hype of Apple’s iPhone. As usual I go a hunting and after reading most reviews there are to find. I’m now convinced that the iPhone is not that bad if you look past its poor specifications.
Apple has done it again, they have picked up all the major annoyances or peeves that plague mobile phones and fixed it. There are quite a few, honestly, but the big two that they have fixed is in my mind is worthy enough for my purchase.
The first is getting your facial oil on the phone and then some how getting it off. Most phones manufacturers seem to always want to have a “ridge” around the screen, hoping that it will pad the screen from your face. Well this works only if your face was Optimus Prime. Otherwise more people like me gets “gunk” and dirt build up around the edge of the screen.
The Industrial Design of the iPhone, not only flushes the screen with its external housing, it is slightly raised making it easy to wipe your “gunk” completely off. So the concept is that not matter what you will get “gunk” on the screen, so now lets make it easy to maintain it. Smart. Not only that the screen and the display is, apparently after some video drop tests, rock hard. (note: this video is almost too painful to watch)

Image Source: engadget
The other big peeved of mine that has been fixed, is that the iPhone, by using a proximity sensor, automatically locks your screen display when you bring the phone close to your face (about 0.75 inches), to answer or make a call. It is unfortunate as the sheer genius of this has been over shadowed by that landscape or portrait orientation display switcher featured in all the iPhone Ads.
The only other issue is the retraining that humans will have to do. Put it this way, I have been so damaged by Windows OS that I find the Mac OS to “hard” to use. I think people, so used to the way mobile phones are these days, will have to go through a period of adjustment.
Anyways as a closing note, if you just want to read that one iPhone review and not have to got through the rest, I suggest the ultimate iPhone review at engadget. Nice and detailed.

  • Design Translator

    August 6, 2007 at 9:09 pm Reply

    Heh-heh quite true. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Behar Lover Boy

    July 6, 2007 at 12:47 am Reply

    the SE K750i has a raised screen from the surrounding profile. Guess it’s not the first time designers have thought of the issue.

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