Yet More Apple Bashing

A British journalist interviewed Apple executive Phil Schiller about the Monopoly iTunes has created (ah la Microsoft Style) and the use of it for downloading music on the iPhone. The Apple PR animals jump right in to stop the interview, and forces it to


Autumn in Nanjing

China is actually a wonderful place with many interesting things that shows its culture evolving as it finds a happy relationship between east and west. Enjoy the photos. Colorful lunch A lunch of stir fry vegetables and pork


The Most Innovative Companies of 2007

BusinessWeek has just featured the world's 50 most innovative companies. Apple has topped the list for the 3rd year running, owing its successes to iPod - the icon of design. This shows the importance of design in business innovation. Some of the Asian companies


When it Rains it Pours!

I'll have to take some time off blogging for this and next week as I'm swamped with work! It's amazing, how when work does happen, it all comes in at one shot. Anyways I'll be taking some time off on the 3rd May


Gameboy Survives War and Returns Home

Check out these amazing pictures of a Nintendo Gameboy that survived a bombed barracks during the Gulf War. It still works and plays Tetris! Amazing, why can't we build products like that anymore, products that can really last? When my mobile phone


Get Rid of Instant Messaging at the Workplace

With Skype being widely used by businesses for overseas calls, the other equally used function of Skype Chat (Instant Messaging) is getting its fair share of use. Not to mention the usual favorites in the IM world: MSN messenger and Yahoo messenger (which many


Managing Designers Like Students…

Edit: This does not apply to ALL designers, but it does apply to some that I have met and spoke too, I have also fixed some typos and cleared up some statements. Managing designers is not easy, some are quiet, some rant and rave, and


Lone Ranger I am Not

Since I moved to Sydney, I have experienced a state of mind that most designers who become freelancers or decide to go at it on their own as an entrepreneur would. This state of mind is the loss of interaction with other designers.


This Buddha Machine is Just Delightfully Tacky!

Called “Beautifully useless” by the New York Times, the Buddha Machine is an interesting yet simple product, which reminds us of a less complicated time by defying the current convention of sleek. It just snubs the Cult of Mac by giving the bird to everything


The Strategy Paradox

The Strategy Paradox is an interesting book written by Michael Raynor on why certain strategies adopted by certain companies are successful and why some are not. Interesting simply because it directly reflects what I am facing in my industry. However the replies he


The world’s best D-Schools. Huh?

When I first looked at it I felt "this is a cool list of design schools" listed at business week. Then reality started to sink in, D-School? Wait, nobody calls a design school "D-School" except a business school teaching design. As usual my cynical