Inspiration is for Amateurs

Chuck Close from Wisdom said:

The advice I like to give young artists, or really anybody who’ll listen to me, is not to wait around for inspiration. Inspiration is for amateurs; the rest of


When Designing: Focus on Methods, Not Process

Bryan over at the ZURBlog wrote that designers should focus on methods, not process.

At a glance, method and process may seem like the same thing, but a closer look reveals their distinct differences. A method is a how you do something, while process is putting


2 Key Elements that Make Up the Ability to Draw

Entertainment designer Feng Zhu writes:

There are two parts to drawing. One is the technical execution of drawing itself – a pure mechanical skill. This is the hand-eye-brain coordination which can be trained and perfected over time. For example, by drawing something everyday in a sketchbook


Kenya Hara on "Designing Design"

As part of Google's Authors@Google, Kenya Hara discusses his awesome book "Designing Design" and his new book "White". Warning, it runs for 53 mins and is about 78 MB! If you have not already get the book here on Amazon: Designing Design - Kenya Hara Designer Kenya


Never Let Your Client do Design for You

Designers often complain about Clients that don’t know anything about design and how they have to spend more time educating them. On the flip side, working with well informed and design savvy Clients can be a headache as well. One thing the latter tends to


Designing for Overcoming Information Overload

Check out Hackzine's video blog on how this (apparently famous in his field) blogger named Scoble reads 622 Feeds a day. It’s interesting to see in today's internet environment, the deeply wired net surfer has to deal with the fact the blogs and post