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Edit: Due to unforeseen circumstances this presentation has been postponed to 23 April 2010.
Designing Designers
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Most long time followers of Design Sojourn will remember I use to blog a lot about hints and tips on “How to be a Better Designer”. Even though these days I blog more about Strategic Design, I still do blog about self-improvement here occasionally, but mainly over at Yanko Design. You can still find much of it here categorized under “Designing Designers“.
Fortunately, I was recently asked by Feng Zhu School of Design to be part of their monthly design forum where they host a local designer to present a topic of interest. They asked me if I would be interested to share my thoughts on how designers can better themselves.
This was when “Designing Designers” was reborn, this time as a presentation!
Here is the synopsis of my presentation I submitted to FZD Design School:

Title of the event:
Designing Designers
General outline of the presentation:
What can designers do to survive in today’s hyper competitive design industry? Designers can and should take the time to design themselves as much as they do their products. Come and listen to tips and tricks, hits and misses, tall tales and short stories from a designer that lived and worked for almost 13 years in the trenches.

Apt event name don’t you think? I aim for the content of this presentation to be in the same spirit as the content here on this blog. So if you are in Singapore on 9th April 2010, you are invited to come listen, discuss, debate, laugh and cry (tears of joy I hope!). Check out the flyer graphic above for more information?
By the way, the presentation will be angled and be made as generic as possible so that designers of all disciplines will find the information relevant and interesting. I look forward to seeing you all!
Edit: Due to unforeseen circumstances this presentation has been postponed to 23 April 2010.

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