The Haptic R1 Analog Radio Concept

I really enjoyed this R1 Analog Radio concept by Ilgu Cha.
I’m a big fan of Haptic Design (here and here), which is a design philosophy that uses relevant tactile feedback and visual cues in a clever manner that takes the user’s interaction experience with the product to another level.
Image source: James Butters
Ilgu’s R1 Analog radio is a wonderful application of Haptic design that is quietly inspired by the analog dials and displays of AM/FM radios from yesteryear. Instead of creating a horizontal or circular analog visual display, usually seen in old transistor radios, the designer cleverly designed this product as the display’s pointer and made the surface the product rests on as the track. Logically, move the R1 left and right for frequency, or up and down for volume.
I also applaud the quality of the concept’s detailing and the resolution of the case part. It looks to me but a short step away from being manufactured. Well done Ilgu!
Via: Yanko Design

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  • George I

    September 28, 2009 at 2:10 am Reply

    WAY cool – one of those totally out-of-the-box ideas that doesn’t come to mind first if you’re given a task to design a radio. can’t say much other than genius idea.

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