Design Management vs. Design Thinking

While preparing for our Introduction to Design Thinking Workshop next week, I stumbled over a nice little infographic by Prof. Ralf Beuker, that clearly spells out the relationship between Design, Design Management and Design Thinking. A relationship that many designers, including myself, would have pondered about at some stage of their professional career.

However, what is even more important to note is that 45-degree arrow that represents a very important but rarely talked about term: Design Leadership. A term that might have been a better descriptor for the activities we now call Design Thinking.

Interestingly enough, I created a blog category called Design Leadership a few years ago to combine articles from two other blog categories called Design Strategy and Design Management. Therefore, I can safely say that my work in progress definition of Design Leadership is: Design Leadership = Design Management + Design Strategy.

I’ll share more of my thoughts on Design Leadership in time to come. But if you can’t wait and want a quick primer, check out my Orbital Strategic Design (Leadership?) Process used as part of my activities for the Design Engage program or look back at the older articles in the Design Leadership category.

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