Electrolux's Asia Pacific Design Director Pernilla Johansson Shares her Story

Friend and ex-colleague Pernilla Johansson, Design Director at Electrolux, shares her story about her career in design and how she got into it. You might remember Pernilla in my interview with her during the 2009 ICSID congress on the Future of Food Preparation. Here are some selected excerpts.

6. I keep my creative juices alive by…
Sharing and discussing ideas with open minded and open hearted people, keeping my eyes open to observe the small details that makes a difference and by listening to other people. It’s about opening up the sense of intuition, by combining the impressions and process them creatively. There is no end to creative ideas, the challenge is to make ideas come to life in a successful way.

11. Tell us an insider secret about the home appliances industry that the general public doesn’t know about
It’s actually a very interesting and exciting category to work in. The old term “white goods” is still often used as a description, but the market has shifted light years away. Today it’s all about lifestyle and interior. Appliances are reliable tools that needs to integrate and serve. I think we will see great shifts in the future as we are entering deeper into the Digital Age.

Some interesting thoughts and advice for budding designers. Check out the full interview at The Little White Book.
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