The Jambox is Another One of Those Products…

You know the kind of products I’m talking about.
The type of product that contains design elements (like that speaker grill) that you spent the last 7 years as a designer trying to get the business and development to embrace. Then suddenly someone else, another company perhaps, had the guts to go with the idea.
And the predictable story, as you know it, unfolds before you.
The design element you have been pushing so hard for suddenly gets validated. The potential first mover strategic competitive advantage, you were so sure your idea could have produced, fizzle out. All the naysayers in development either shut up or are nowhere to be found. The business people scratch their heads trying to figure out why their business plans could not have afforded it. Your organization is back to square one and continues to struggle with its mediocrity. And worst of all, such products suddenly sets a trend that sees all the sweatshops in China copying it.
Sounds familiar? And oh, before I forget, good job fuseproject!
Image from Jambox via Core 77.

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  • C Roberts

    November 18, 2010 at 10:30 pm Reply

    Ha!I’ve been trying to get some of these surface applications into products since I got this job. We recently came up with one and I could see the hesitation in the marketers eyes. The moment I saw the Jambox I made an image board and sent it out.

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