Zero to One: Find a Niche and Own it!

I really like Zero to One by Peter Thiel.  So much so, that I'm slowly reading it chapter by chapter to internalize the information. If you are interested in how game-changing strategies behind new products and services are conceptualized, this book is for you.  I particularly like his


(Re)building Trust in the Healthcare System

Earlier this month, it was reported that 22 patients in a renal ward of the Singapore General Hospital (SGH) have been infected with the deadly hepatitis C virus. 4 have since died. The current prognosis is that it was likely due to cross-contamination


Is this the End of Windows?

Great article by Benedict Evans who shares a lot of good information on why Microsoft is going to die. The apps that people want on smartphones are not being written for desktop Windows anyway. Uber doesn't have a desktop Windows app, and neither does Instacart, Pinterest


Adopting the Simulation Mindset in Design

One of the key activities in Design Thinking is doing design. Hence the irony that Design Thinking actually involves design doing. Not exactly in what designers do, but brainstorming solutions, prototyping them, learning and validating, iterating and improving. Rinse and repeat. I like


Orthodoxies in the Hotel Industry

This is interesting. On the 5th of March, Marriott International launched their Moxy brand of hotels at the Berlin International Hotel Investment Forum (IHIF). It is their first entry into the economy (read budget) 3 start hospitality segment that will span 150 Hotels in 10


Counter-Intuitive Rules of Design

Kontra over at counternotions writes:

There are many counterintuitive ‘rules’ in product design, these two are among the most intractable: • The more successful a product, the harder it’s to upgrade. • The more users say they want a product update, the more they complain when the change


This is NOT the End of Apple

rotting study 2 Since the recent keynote by Tim Cook (October 2012), there has been a media furor on how it is going to be the end of Apple, or that Apple after Jobs