Winners of the Finlandia iPhone 4 case have been Contacted!

As promised in my previous blog post “Taking Engagement at Design Sojourn to the Next Level”, I wanted to let you know that 3 lucky email subscribers of Design Sojourn’s Newsletter have won a Finlandia iPhone 4 case! They have been directly notified of their win by email.
You might have noticed that the giveaway dateline was pushed back a few weeks. This was because I had almost 300 inactive members on my email list that I needed to flush out. Once this administrative matter was completed, it’s time for the fun to begin! The selection process was pretty simple. I used to select the three random subscribers from my total list of subscribers.
If you like to be considered for other freebies or giveaways in the future, do sign up for our newsletter that notifies you when the latest Strategies for Good Design are posted on Design Sojourn. Enjoy!

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