Bill Gates says Good Bye

This year's 2008 CES Keynote speech is Bill Gates' twelfth and his last as a Microsoft Employee (he is still the Chairman though). He says:

"This will be my last keynote. As of July, I will no longer be a full-time Microsoft employee.


Workout that Portfolio baby!

I have always felt and encouraged designers to update their trusty (probably rusty) portfolios at least every 6 months. While many designers feel that they should only update their portfolios when they are looking for new work or job hunting, I find there


Autumn in Nanjing

China is actually a wonderful place with many interesting things that shows its culture evolving as it finds a happy relationship between east and west. Enjoy the photos. Colorful lunch A lunch of stir fry vegetables and pork


Achieving a Constant state of Design Readiness

My former lecturer in design used to say that designers need to get into a state of readiness before they can become productive in design work or concept sketching. Some designers require more time, some require less. Some require going through fifty sketches,


What are your Design Laws?

Marc Rapp advertising guru and blogger at Uniquely the Epitome, has created a meme that actually benefits not only the people that he tagged but other designers as well. He has created "It's the Law" meme that focuses on design rules or laws that


Visual Communication Principles in Design

While doing some research on design basics, I stumbled over this great site that lists a great collection of visual principles. It was created by Francisco Chinchilla as part of his research in "Theories, Methods and Principles that Assist and Support Form Generation on