Tachikoma in the field

I love Ghost in the Shell and all its technology gizmos, thus in line with this month's military theme, have a look at these Tachikoma in the field from Ghost in the Shell: Stand alone complex (SAC). Ahh the lovable Tachikoma are the mechanical sidekick of


Crazy Sony Bravia Ad!

Talk about crazy advertising. Sony went to the all out to create a video that implied the Sony Bravia TV can product such a vibrant a riot of colors! It seems they used: 70,000 litres of paint 358 single bottle bombs 33 sextuple air cluster bombs 22 Triple


I'm Back…

...from the London Design Festival! Jet lagged and happy to be back. Stay tuned for a complete write up and pictures!


Random Musings of the Day

1) If you look around you on the street today, it is almost impossible to find a woman that does not have her eyebrows shaped or plucked in one way or another. So much so when you do, it is jaw dropping shocking.


Addicted to Quizzes

I've always been addicted to Quizzes, espically online ones. This one in particular is really sleek and informative. Ever wondered about your own personal DNA? Here's mine! Pretty accurate I must say. Or perhaps they are just telling me what I want


New posts are on the way!

Sorry for the slight delay in posting as I've been busy both at my day joy and at home. I've also been drafting this huge design entrepreneurship post and should be out soon. Meanwhile to tie you guys over until my next post in a


Design Theory 3: What is the BIG idea?

Tired of randomly creating styles and forms? Stuck at the same looking sketch over and over again? Tired of flipping through magazines or clicking on the internet? Tired of creating designs that just do not seem to inspire others or