The iPad kills Creativity?

Peter Bregman shares why he returned his iPad:

The brilliance of the iPad is that it's the anytime-anywhere computer. On the subway. In the hall waiting for the elevator. In a car on the way to the airport. Any free moment becomes a potential iPad moment.



Creativity is How Well You Recycle it!

Bill Buxton reflects:

As a person who tries to be creative and have new ideas, it's interesting to be reminded of how few ideas I actually have. Could it be that the two main skills and acts of creativity are (a) forget what you said before,


2 Key Elements that Make Up the Ability to Draw

Entertainment designer Feng Zhu writes:

There are two parts to drawing. One is the technical execution of drawing itself – a pure mechanical skill. This is the hand-eye-brain coordination which can be trained and perfected over time. For example, by drawing something everyday in a sketchbook


Reinventing Work

Click graphic to see it bigger!
Seth Godin's new book, Linchpin (Amazon link), reinvents work by challenging everyone to be an "Artist" now! (Check out the Linchpin manifesto graphic above for a gist!)


Only God is T-Shaped

I have been thinking about T-Shaped Designers for a long time now. How to be one, what does being one really mean and how effective can one be. Made popular sometime in 2005 by IDEO's Tim Brown, T-Shape Designers are defined as:


Which Design Student are You?

Chuck Dillion, a lecturer at The Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, has sketched a cartoon of the different Design students he has encountered in his 10 year teaching career. Great Stuff! Here are my favorites: <img src="" alt="dirty" title="dirty" width="500" height="528" class="aligncenter size-medium


Redesigning The Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

I really enjoy reading blogs where the author shares his or her musings and anecdotal thoughts. I find that this gives a good insight into how that author thinks. Even better if these thoughts come from a designer. Check out Smart Design's


Loyalty Points, What's the Point?

I recently had a discussion with my better half on how "Loyalty Points" are pointless these days. (Please excuse the pun!) I rather have a clutter free wallet than carry my Ikea or local hardware store loyalty card. Why accumulate points and work