Hartmut Esslinger – A Fine Line

The last time we mentioned A Fine Line was when we took a look a Hartmut Esslinger’s interview by Guy Kawasaki.
This time I have a little treat to share with you. The founder of Frog Design himself sharing a few words of wisdom probably extracted from his book: A Fine Line (there it is again!).
I like his opening line:

Business must understand what they will achieve with designers. And Designers have to understand they have to deliver substantial change, going to the root to deliver something else. (edited!)

The next one is also a keeper:

Design is not a democracy, design is about quality.

Check out the rest of Hartmut’s thoughts in the video after the jump.

A few wonderful points at the end on managing designers, and how organizations need to adjust to designers not the other way around, especially if you are serious in treating talents like talents.
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  • René Lee

    March 21, 2010 at 5:20 am Reply

    Having worked at both an autocratic and democratic design agency, I feel strongly that Mr. Esslinger is right about design being not a democracy. Often, in a democratic setting, consensus came at the price of quality.
    About his comment regarding hiring pioneers, I wish more people at the position of hiring had his point of view. Sometimes I get the feeling that companies are just looking for “monkeys” who can do the job and don’t have a huge ego or high expectation so that everyone can go home at 5PM…

  • Ben Crowe

    March 21, 2010 at 1:43 am Reply

    Interesting comments especially about the lack of foresight when it comes to what most employers are expecting from and wanting students to be able to do.

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