Apple's Inconsistent Aesthetic

James Higgs writes an interesting article about the inconsistencies of Apple's aesthetic. In one corner you have Apple's sublime and minimal industrial design where every corner or radii has been considered.

These devices have become increasingly simple and pared down, even as the power contained


Don’t forget the Coffee?

2 Sugars is a wonderful little iPhone app by visual communications designer Gareth Hughes. It is perfect for when you are tasked to do that dreaded coffee run for the entire office. Great App for interns


The Miura-Ori Map

not a sunrise (ミウラ折り 3) Image: not a sunrise (ミウラ折り 3) by Dan Rosen The problem with maps is that the moment you unfold them, it becomes a complete nightmare to fold them back into their original compact form. Ergonomically this is


How to avoid "Mental Masturbation"?

Image source: Cab Ride (Ecstasy) So what, you may ask, is "Mental Masturbation"? Well the first logical assumption that comes to mind is procrastination. Actually, though, it's not quite what I would call procrastination. Let me explain. A design lecturer friend coined