Lens International Design Conference 2022 Keynote: Redesigning Design

I am honoured to be invited by Shih Chien University College of Design to give a keynote speech during their Lens International Design Conference 2022 on January 7th 2022.  

In the conference The Lens, design is interpreted as a multi-perspective lens that transforms all elements in our daily lives in the past, present, and future into multiple possibilities.  At the same time, it reflects our hopes, fears, desires, anxieties, beliefs, and values that entangled in our minds.  Like the rebirth of light after refracted, design continuously records, interprets, and transforms everything into materialized narratives and carriers such as products, architecture, media, and clothing. In this way, design attempts to bring the world together.  Moreover, it doesn’t merely focus on human beings but also on nature, time and space, species, and even other time zones of the world.
This conference also celebrates the 30th anniversary of Shih Chien’s Department of Industrial Design (SCID). Congratulations my friends!
I was in good company.  The other keynote speakers included Chiaki Murata, Jurgen Bey, and Srini R Srinivasan.  All shared, in their keynotes, very interesting perspectives of design.  Due to COVID restrictions for entry into Taiwan, most of the invited keynote speakers attended the event remotely.  All of us had to record our keynote speeches prior to the conference.
The entire conference was recorded and shared on Facebook live.  As my keynote was a recording of a recording, it was a little muffled.  With permission from the organisers, I thought it would be a good idea to upload a clearer recorded keynote on YouTube.

My Redesigning Design keynote was a result of a longitudinal study, driven by a lifelong passion to understand how Design works.  In my keynote, I challenged Designers to rethink their roles just as hard as they rethink their client’s solutions. My hypothesis is that Design is a form of Risk Management. I then laid out the foundation of thinking that led me to this conclusion.
I hope you enjoy this video and I would love to hear any feedback you might have on my thoughts about Redesigning Design.
If you are interested in a full conference recording you can check it out here.  I come in at the 1hr 38min mark.
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