ESC and Design Sojourn’s Innovating for Sustainability Programme Offers Grant Support for Singaporean Companies

ESC, the leading sustainability consultancy in Asia, and Design Sojourn, a renowned design thinking and innovation consultancy, have partnered to launch the Innovating for Sustainability Programme (ISP). This new programme aims to help Singaporean companies capture new innovative business opportunities and enhance their capabilities in


We are looking for Junior Experience Designers! (Closed)

    The hiring for this position is now officially closed! Design Sojourn is a Design Led Innovation Consultancy that loves to inspire, impact and create better lives. We are currently looking for smart, dynamic, self-motivated Junior Experience Designers with strong verbal/written communication skills and a natural inclination in


The Design Thinking Process Paradox

Designers or Design Thinkers often like to think that they require a certain level of “freedom” to allow their creativity to flourish.  Indeed, the best ideas come when the mind is free from distractions: particularly in places like the shower or when you are just


Is Your Business Ready for Innovation?

Some of you might be familiar with the Diffusion of Innovation. It is a theory that seeks to explain how new ideas and technology spread and is typically used to explain consumers’ adoption of technology. Through our course of work, we’ve come to realise this


This is why Large Corporations need to INNOVATE or DIE

In the recent months two significant technological driven disruptive events have happen that could bring about the downfall of two of Singapore's largest corporations. Singtel, or Singapore Telecoms, is the first and biggest Telco (they own all the infrastructure) and Comfort one of the


Anthropology of Television

The following guest post is written by Maurice McGinley, a friend and former colleague at Philips Design. While some of the points might be a little outdated, this post showcases a methodology of Design Research and Design Led Innovation that is practiced in companies