Why Nobody can Copy Apple

Well…they could if they did this:

I assert there’s something else that makes Apple is unique amongst its (asymmetric) competitors (e.g. Google, MS, Samsung):
It only focuses on one customer: The Consumer.
In my experience, the behaviors and culture of an organization (large or small) that focuses on the Consumer as a customer is diametrically incompatible with the behaviors and culture of an organization that focuses on Business as a customer.

Focusing on the customer/consumer resolves all the horrid debates people from different departments have, especially when the people around the table has to meet their own individual KPIs, quarterly results, or agendas etc. If not properly managed, these debates often result in compromises in strategy and watered down solutions.
Focusing on the consumer, focuses problem-solving efforts around one basic question: what would our consumer want? Any other issue after this becomes less important.
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  • Markus

    April 26, 2013 at 7:48 pm Reply

    I believe there’s a method behind Apple’s system.
    That method is creating such an emotional response that the customer falls in love with the device/product.
    If a company can develop such a way to reach its customers, then I’m sure it could be possible to “copy” Apple.
    I believe it’s completely doable, but it takes a looot of research and work!

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