Industrial Design and The Branding Mad Men

It's about time, the (M)Ad Men figured that out. Well they sort of did before and there always been Industrial Designers in advertising and branding. But much of the focus then was on packaging design, and Industrial Design was often seen as nothing


Designers must Develop Critical Insight

Image source: Insight One of the key factors I noticed in any successful product and/or design, was that the product's designer had some kind of critical insight. It is this "ah-hah!", this "Wow!", this "Eureka" moment that can turn any design into a great one. It


Do Designers Visualize or Articulate?

I have always liked to use the term "Strategy Visualization" as an activity for designers to solidify, by design, a company's business strategy. So recently, I was having a chat with my boss about getting some "visualizations" done for a design strategy by our client.


Where do you Think?

Dear Designers, Where do you Think? What level should we be playing at? What sort of conversations should we be having? Think about it? Sincerely, DT


Has Chinese Design Arrived?

In my opinion, design in China has leapfrogged ahead faster than the West did. But have they arrived? I recently stumbled over a interesting interview, "Taking the Pulse of Chinese Design" with Jia Wei the founder of LKK Design. Here are some of the good bits. Q:


Never Let Your Client do Design for You

Designers often complain about Clients that don’t know anything about design and how they have to spend more time educating them. On the flip side, working with well informed and design savvy Clients can be a headache as well. One thing the latter tends to


Old Habits are Hard to Break…

So last week, I got issued with a work laptop. It was a 12" Screen Dell Latitude D430 no bigger than my A4 sketchbook. It is a pretty decent, abet slow, system with an Intel Core 2, 1.2 GHz with 2 GB of


Conducting Workshop at Invent Singapore 2008

I have been invited to conduct a Workshop called "Design for Life" at the Invent Singapore Conference 2008 this Saturday 16 Aug 2008 at 2pm and also at 4pm. Invent Singapore is a convention like no other, where innovators, inventors and the business community come together


Nokia's Mobile Phone Strategy

08_nokian96_lowres.jpg Alec Saunders has written a great article on Nokia's mobile phone product strategy. While the article just touches on Industrial Design, he gives good examples on how product strategies, combined with a good understanding of the consumer, is used to drive


The Future State of a Product’s Existence?

"There is a design revolution, but nobody really knows what it is" ~ Karim Rashid I was reminded of this quote Karim made at the International Design Forum in Singapore a few years back while I was having an interesting debate with long-time Design Sojourn reader


The Strategy Paradox

The Strategy Paradox is an interesting book written by Michael Raynor on why certain strategies adopted by certain companies are successful and why some are not. Interesting simply because it directly reflects what I am facing in my industry. However the replies he