5 Steps to a Better Design Brief

If you look around you I’m sure you can find plenty of great advice on how to write a good design brief. Therefore I will assume that most of you would know what they are and how to do so. However I have


Design Business Review

Designers are in the business of doing business; their clients rely on them to make smart, market-savvy decisions and yet there is no resource to provide the necessary knowledge to make these decisions wisely. DBR is simple, pragmatic advice on the business of creativity. Our


20 Tips for Designers to Beat the Recession

This article was originally published on Yanko Design. As I know some Design Sojourn readers don't really frequent YD, I thought it might be a good idea to republish it here as well. I have also re-edited some of the text to


Apple's iPhone Strategy is Now Clear

I'm sure many of us "poo-pooed" Apple's first generation iPhone as sorely lacking in the technology department. However, no one can doubt the buzz the impending launch of the iPhone OS version 3.0 has created. On the flip side, if we can look


3 Seconds is all You Got for Your Designs to Sell!

In a blink of an eye, a potential buyer would have entered a store, quickly scan the different products on the shelf and then make a decision to engage with a particular product. All this happens in just 3-5 seconds! A product’s external housing is one of


5 Secrets of Strategic Designers

The background of this article stems from my interest in how Strategic Industrial Design forms the backbone of thinking in the very best designers in our field. Therefore I have been quietly spending some time studying and observing strategic designers and their “modus operandi”.


What is Strategic Design?

Recently Raph, from the very excellent Design Droplets blog, wanted to know how I define Strategic Design. I never had to consciously apply strategic design and thinking methodologies as it was something that I just did through my daily design activities. It was, in


The Next Industrial Design Evolution

In short Industrial Design has evolved into a holistic expression of "everything" that is required to create the product. Expanding on this, the Industrial Design of these products were inspired by the product's manufacturing processes or materials and specifically designed to express it as


Design Thinking or just Thinking?

Edit 1: Tim is from Frog! Sorry Tim! Edit 2: Completely forgot to highlight, original seed concept "Just Plain Old Thinking" is from csven of rebang. Edit 3: Lesson: Blog when awake! Duh! Tim Leberecht, Frog Design's VP of Marketing, has written about Design Thinking and how


A Good Strategy is like a Good Movie

The title of this quick post came up in a recent discussion I had with a business partner. After further reflection, I find this very true. It is applicable to all forms of strategy including design. So let me reword this: A good