Better Surfboard Designs!

thomas-mayerhoffer-surfboards Thomas Meyerhoffer, a former designer at Apple, did what any designer would do when he was not happy with a product. He created his own. In Thomas' case it was his love for surfing and


Which Design Student are You?

Chuck Dillion, a lecturer at The Hussian School of Art in Philadelphia, has sketched a cartoon of the different Design students he has encountered in his 10 year teaching career. Great Stuff! Here are my favorites: <img src="" alt="dirty" title="dirty" width="500" height="528" class="aligncenter size-medium


Redesigning The Rock-Paper-Scissors Game

I really enjoy reading blogs where the author shares his or her musings and anecdotal thoughts. I find that this gives a good insight into how that author thinks. Even better if these thoughts come from a designer. Check out Smart Design's