Is Six Sigma an Enemy of Design?

A while ago I worked with a colleague that was a huge fan of Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a set of statistical and analytical tools use to measure and track the efficiency of a business or operations. My colleague was fanatical in


Server Problems

Edit 4: Media Temple and I have come to a mutual understanding on this issue which has not really been resolved. Separately the up time of this blog, still at MT, seems to have stabilized. Whatever that has been causing the random


Truths about Creativity

Creative Hands Image by: Dalydose I have been thinking about the relationship between creativity vs. design vs. where does it comes from. I have also wondered why some people, not just designers, are more creative than others? Here are some of


Blogging Break

piglet Sorry for the lack of updates on this blog as I was on vacation all last week. I had hope to get back into the swing of things this week, but unfortunately I have manged


5 Steps to a Better Design Brief

If you look around you I’m sure you can find plenty of great advice on how to write a good design brief. Therefore I will assume that most of you would know what they are and how to do so. However I have